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Chulalongkorn University, Thailand: Public lecture, reading, interview

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Darrel McLeod gives a special lecture, reads a section from Mamaskatch, and discusses some of the themes covered in the book as well as the impact his book has had on its readers to date. BALAC is Thailand’s first undergraduate program in cultural studies at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Arts. From November 2019, Sessions One and Two below.

Vancouver Public Library: Darrel McLeod in discussion with Shelagh Rogers

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“I hope my novel seeds a profound desire to know more — the desire to connect personally with indigenous communities — and individuals as neighbors, friends and maybe even lovers.” —Darrel McLeod

In his first novel, acclaimed author Darrel McLeod brings us A Season in Chezgh’un, a fascinating read that depicts a world most will never experience: life on a typical Indian Reserve in Canada. McLeod takes the intimacy and candor he’s known for in his memoirs and uses them to paint the story of a talented and conflicted Cree man who spends a year in Northern BC taking in the indomitable spirit of the people, and the splendour of nature — all the while fighting to keep his dark side from destroying his life.

Join Darrel in discussion with acclaimed literary journalist Shelagh Rogers.

Word On The Street: Indigenous writers’ roundtable

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From 2021: Every day, Indigenous people across Turtle Island are building a more hopeful future, through community initiatives, storytelling, and more. Join us as we hold space to grieve the losses of this year, honour the struggles and successes of those dedicated to Indigenous resistance, and discuss the role that writing has in decolonizing our world: how do books and storytelling contribute to healing? How do we celebrate and protect Indigenous storytellers? How have current events changed the way we write?

Blue Met Talks: Inégalités / On social inequality

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Le monde, nos sociétés, la vie sont faits d’inégalités de toutes sortes en dépit des progrès de la démocratie et des droits humains. Pourquoi? Est-ce une fatalité? Peut-on les atténuer? Des écrivains et des penseurs de divers horizons nous livrent le fruit de leur réflexion sur le sujet dans une série d’interventions brèves et stimulantes. La vente des billets pour assister à cette activité fut remise à la Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Montréal.

In spite of the progress of democracy and human rights, the world, our societies, life itself, are made up of many forms of inequality. Why is this? Is it inevitable? Can we alleviate or minimize some forms of inequality? Writers and thinkers from various fields reflect on this topic in a series of short stimulating talks. Proceeds from ticket sales for this event were donated to the Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Montréal.

Writers’ Trust of Canada: Promotional video for Peyakow

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Peyakow is more than a story of overcoming adversity; it is a story of personal and political reclamation that explores the pain of living in a world controlled by agendas and priorities that exploit the people and the land itself. Where McLeod finds connection, he also finds obligation. In the end, he discovers that being part of a community is not a passive act. McLeod’s vibrant prose renders the world with tenderness and skill. His profound book is full of love and trouble that you won’t soon forget.” — 2021 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction Jury (Kevin Chong, Terese Marie Mailhot, and Adam Shoalts)

Niizhotay Stories: An Evening with Darrel J. McLeod

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On this third National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we once again honour treasured Elder and tireless community-builder Theodore Niizhotay Fontaine with Niizhotay Stories, an annual event which calls on us all to forge a healing path in the spirit of “two hearts.” For this year’s installment, we welcome Governor General’s Award-winning Cree author Darrel J. McLeod (author of Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age and Peyakow: Reclaiming Cree Dignity) to Winnipeg to discuss his debut novel, A Season in Chezgh’un (Douglas & McIntyre) with host Dr. Jillian Horton. Co-presented by The Winnipeg International Writers’ Festival as part of THIN AIR 2023.

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