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BC BookLook: A tale of trauma rises to the top

March 2, 2024|Categories: Awards, Reviews|Tags: , , , |

The extent to which Canadians understand intergenerational trauma suffered by Indigenous peoples, and to what degree they are willing to support reconciliation, remain unclear even years after the release of the final reports of the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC). READ FULL REVIEW→

The BC Review: Challenging ‘what the white man want’

February 10, 2024|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , |

It is a real gift for an author to offer his readers a novel that is both memorable and timely. A Season in Chezgh’un by Sooke’s Darrel McLeod is exactly such a gift, arriving at a period in our history when the multiple, raw issues surrounding Indigenous people of Canada in general, and British Columbia in particular, loom large in the public mind. READ FULL REVIEW→

The BC Review: 1545 Cree identity in exile

January 25, 2024|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , |

Darrel McLeod attended the University of British Columbia where he obtained two degrees – a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and another in Education. Prior to becoming a writer, McLeod worked for the federal government as a chief negotiator of land claims, and as an executive director of education and international affairs with the Assembly of First Nations. READ FULL REVIEW→

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